Genuine tongkat ali in the UK

This website,, currently belongs to Sumatra Pasak Bumi. Our primary website is We also maintain

We bought or reserved a number of other domains, with the idea in mind that these other domains, including, would eventually be taken over by resellers of our products.

For this site, the idea of selling it has so far not materialized. Thus, we have used temporarily as a mirror of, or to reflect, with the permission of the authors, educational material or articles about tongkat ali in general. As these permissions have been time-limited, we now just include some information about ourselves, the tongkat ali market in Europe, and particularly the situation in the UK.

Sumatra Pasak Bumi is foremost a wholesale company. We have resellers in many parts of the world. We ourselves also fill retail orders, but unless somebody intends to buy on a regular basis, it will probably be cheaper to buy from a reseller.

Those who buy retail quantities on a regular basis directly from us will be considered wholesale buyers once the volume of their retail purchases surpasses 1000 US dollar, or the equivalent in another currency. Once retail buyers have bought products for retail prices for more than this amount, they will receive free double quantity on everything they order thereafter. This still includes free shipping (other wholesale orders do not include free shipping).

We can deliver any wholesale quantity of any of our products, even full container loads, as we do every month for tongkat ali root and chipped root. For our wholesale prices, please see our main site,

Our company, Sumatra Pasak Bumi, has developed two tongkat ali extracts, at 1:50 and 1:200 ratios. Especially the 1:200 is widely pirated, for Europe mostly in the UK. Fake products that claim to be exactly the same as ours are sold all over the world, via the UK, primarily on the Internet.

As they say: "On the Internet, nobody knows that you're a dog." And that the "tongkat ali extract" you sell actually is dog shit.

Any Internet-literate schoolboy can set up a website claiming to be a Pfizer-size tongkat ali company, a GMP-licensed factory, a FDA-approved pharmaceutical multi, an Apple-class fine operation. These scammers would probably claim to have been canonized by the Catholic Church if it would do their false reputation any good. The only reason why they don't? The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, is an unlikely consumer of tongkat ali, indeed.

More than half of the tongkat ali sellers on the Internet are fake. So, how do you determine whether a source is genuine? Look at their Internet presentation. We, as a genuine source, have a plethora of photographic evidence that we exist and that we are what we claim to be. Scammers typically just steal and download photos from the Internet and reuse them on their website.

A summary of our retail options, see here.

A summary of our wholesale options, see here.

Our Indonesian government licenses, see here.

Our expeditions, see here.